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"54% of the consumers consistently preferred video marketing from the brands they support." - Hubspot

Business Story interview videos to showcase you, your business, your services and products. A professional video to help you get more customers and stand out from the competition

"I loved working with Cemanthe to create my business story - I relaxed with Cemanthe as soon as I met her, she is warm and friendly as well as professional and put me at ease. I think this comes across in my video, how relaxed and comfortable I felt doing something that would normally make me feel a bit tense and self conscious. I actually enjoyed the experience! The way that Cemanthe put the recording together was very watchable and professional. The editing make it very interesting to watch. Thank you so much Cemanthe, I will certainly be returning for further media support in the future :)" Tina Wilson, hypnotherapist

What is a Business Showcase Video? - A 3 to 5 min video, the tested optimum time length, a one to one interview with you...and unscripted! I send you 3 or 4 questions in advance to really capture everything about your business and then we cover those questions at the interview.


What do I talk about? - I ask you 3 or 4 key questions; Who are you/and your team? What does your business do? Who does it do it for? And, Why you? All this is then edited into a 3-5min showcase video which I then send to you.

How can I use the video? - You can use it on the home page of your site, on your social media, to send to prospective customers, in your email signature, on your YouTube channel and many more ways to build trust!

Can I showcase my products? - Yes you absolutely can! After our interview and I've heard what you've said about your business, I will do additional footage of your products, team working or services to include in the video. 

How long does it take? - Filming the interview is about 45mins to an hour (possibly less without bloopers!), and adding in additional product footage also up to an hour. I then go away and edit and you will have your finalised video within a week.

How much does it cost? - Quite simply: from £250 for businesses local to Thanet, affordable quotes for other locations. No hidden charges or extra fees! Payable in instalments or all in one payment. We can add on additional features like short 1 min instagram videos, team videos, product videos. Just message me to check what I can do for you!

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